Our company started its activity as Mesnevi Gıda İnş, Hayv, Teks, Mob, Matbaacılık Mad.San.ve Tic.Ltd.Şti. in 2008 in Mega Center Bayrampaşa İSTANBUL with wholesale food trade; and completed its olive factory in 2010 in a short time of 6 months, established it in Akhisar and started olive processing and sales.

By having a closed area of 5.000 m2 on an area of 11.000 m2, we started to operate our factory with a capacity of 10,000 tons / year, although we are a new company.

With our brand TEKSEN,  we presented our products; such as black olive (Uslu and Gemlik),  natural fatty basket, confit, green olive (crushed and scratched), green olive with pepper; garlic, lemon, orange filled green olive, green and black sliced olive, cocktail green olive, paste, grilled olive, olive mix and spicy olives,  to the tastes of our customers on their tables. At the moment, we are rapidly selling our products abroad, that we started to offer to domestic sale in 2010, which was our objective.

We are working on adding new ones to the countries to which we are working internationally, such as Germany, Jordan, Bulgaria, Iraq, Bahrain and the Netherlands.

We are also moving on by adding our TEK Devim brand to the body of our company.

In our factory, we have all the materials to process the olive; the well, polyester, confit tanks, olive seed removal, scratching and breaking machines, slicing machine, olive sifter machines, olive drying and oiling machine, vacuum machine and (pasteurized) steam tunnel, chilling machine, labeling machine and grilled olive machines. Our company, which has the internationally valid Food Safety Management System certificate ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 1400, 0HSAS 18001 Food Safety Management System certificates; has adopted the aim and principle of providing you with quality products which are suitable to all hygienic conditions. It will be an exemplary company in this rapidly developing sector by gaining further strength, moving its targets further and that will always keep the developing technology and its foresight at the top. As TEKSEN olive business with our expert staff and management, it is our target to present the olive; which has been processed and packaged at the best quality by observing the health of consumers in our country and abroad, to their tables and by always moving our targets one level higher and being aware of the work we are carrying out; to offer the olive we produce at the flavour and taste it deserves. "Olive is the culture; it is the one inherited from generation to generation and which places abundance to the soil where it grows."

Chairman of the Board 

Yusuf DEViM